The Law of Attraction and Action

Law of Attraction and ActionThere is one big thing that I constantly see people mess up when they use the law of attraction: action.  Yes, sometimes you can set an intention for more money or an ideal relationship or better health, and the universe will simply bring these things right to you without you having to lift a finger.  But often times, this is not the case.  It doesn’t matter how much you visualize, you are probably not going to become a millionaire, meet your soul-mate, or get the body of your dreams if you just sit on the couch all day watching TV and eating junk food.

Does this mean that the secret doesn’t work?  No, the secret does work.  You just need to be willing to take action to make your dreams a reality.

There is no dump truck full of gold that will come to your house if only you visualized hard enough.  Mr. or Miss Right isn’t going to hunt you down and break down your door if you’re not doing anything with your life.  And no matter how much you believe in it, the fast food and pizza diet isn’t going to make you thin and healthy.  When using the law of attraction action will often be required.  You might have to do something to earn the money, catch the eye of that special someone, or get healthy.

Think back to The Secret.  Jack Canfield told a story about how he made $100,000 in a year using the law of attraction.  Did he visualize and imagine his desired outcome?  Yes, of course he did.  But he also took action when it was necessary.  He wrote a book, he had the idea of advertising it in the Enquirer, and he had a reporter interview him when she approached him.  He took inspired action.  This is the key word here: inspired.

You can and should visualize and think positive thoughts.  But if you keep doing these things long enough, you will start to be drawn to do things you might otherwise not do.  If you want to buy a house, you might see signs telling you about an open house in the neighborhood you want to live in, or you might meet a real estate agent as you go about your daily life.  It is important that you follow these nudges find the time to go visit that house and feel what it’s like to be in it.  It is important that talk to that real estate agent and find out what he can do for you and what your options are.  This is the law of attraction in action!

So you see when you use the law of attraction action might be required and you shouldn’t shy away from it.  You may need to put in the time and visualize and work on yourself so that you feel inspired or confident in yourself so that you will be able to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.  If you do all the inner work to get your thinking straight, all the actions you need to take will seem so easy and effortless.  It won’t feel like “work.”  It will just flow naturally from you, and you will be able to create anything you want.