The Benefits of Staying Positive

The Benefits of Staying PositiveDo you know someone who seems to always have a smile on their face and life just seem to be going their way?   They are optimistic and successful at reaching their goals. Why no matter how horrid their day is going they’ll live by the motto that “tomorrow will be a better day”? These people are using the power of positive thinking.  Your mind is a very powerful tool.  Your body, your achievements, the pleasures you give and receive all depends on the quality and nature of your thoughts.  Your actions are led by  your thoughts.  Which results into positive or negative events in your life.

There are many benefits of staying positive.  People who practice positive thinking are more likely to have less stress.  People who are more optimistic believe in themselves and their abilities.   They believe that the bad things that do happen to them are just small setbacks, like water rolling off their backs, they can easily overcome anything.  People with less stress takes more risk with the belief that good things are going to happen to them.  With this belief, they create the positive outcomes in their life.

It is a known fact that people who are optimistic live a longer, healthier and happier life.  People who are good at staying positive are less prone to poor health and infectious diseases.  Studies have shown that optimistic people with cancer are more likely to heal faster versus someone who is pessimistic.  Same goes for weight loss as well. People with weight issues are more likely to see positive results  when staying positive.

Positive thinkers tend to be emotionally healthy.  A study done with clinically depressed patients going through cognitive therapy proved that by changing your thought pattern, you can get better results than you would with medication. Optimism can also help you be more persistence, helping you achieve your goals.

People who are optimistic believe that their the reason for positive events happening in their life.  They also believe that more good things are to come and the bad things are out of their control.   A pessimistic thinks a little differently.  They believe that they are at fault for all the bad things that happen to them.  They also think that if one bad thing happens, then surely there are more on their way.  They believe that good things happen to them by chance and are rare occurrences.

People who are happier  have their thoughts aligned to what they want.  Staying positive can help you align your thoughts to what you want, helping you manifest your desires.  Staying positive can improve your outcomes, events, and overall happiness in your life.  Start changing how your mind  thinks.  Positive thinking really does have an effect on your life.   Don’t forget that your thoughts control your emotions which can help control the events in your life, good or bad.