The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

the 11 forgotten laws reviewReviewer: Felicia Fillmore


Website Review: The 11 Forgotten Laws

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review: What is it?

The 11 Forgotten Laws is a digital online 12 CD set to help you manifest the life you are looking to live.  The 11 Forgotten Laws are key principles in which the whole universe  functions by. You won’t be able to achieve the desired results you want  when the 11 Forgotten Laws are used individually.

This is why some people can fail or succeed when using the universe laws to achieve success. Getting to know the 11 Forgotten Laws will help you apply the law of attraction to your life in a more effective manner.

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review: What’s Included

You have unlimited access to 95 audio tracks to download and listen to.  For portable convenience, I burned them on to my IPod so I can listen to them whenever or where ever I want. I also got a pdf file of Holliwell’s book “Working with the Law”, which the chapters coincide with the audio lessons. Plus you get audio transcripts for quick and easy reference guide.

Everyone learns differently. What I found easiest for me was to read a chapter from Holliwell’s book and then read the same lesson from the workbook as I was listening to it on my IPod, I absorbed the information faster that way.

You Get Bonuses too!

I decided to get this product after I watched “The Secret” so I’ve heard of Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey before. The bonuses didn’t sway my decisions to buy this product.  I have to say I was quite surprised of the value and quality of the bonuses. The first bonus I got was recorded lessons called “The Prosperity Program” by Burt Goodman.

Another bonus I got “Manifest Like a Millionaire” by Laura Silva. I thoroughly enjoyed her video lessons about meditation and visualization techniques I’ve never thought would work! Her methods are scientifically backed up as well.

I also got a trial membership at “The Finer Mind”. With this, if you get enough credits you can get even more products from there free of charge. If you like it and you decide to stay you can get more points every month to get more free products.

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review: The Bottom Line

I would recommend this product to anyone who is truly interested in improving their life. People who are willing to put forth action to change their single status, control their financial life or just finding ways to be a happier human being, get this! The lessons in this product shockingly changed my perspective on how the law of attraction works, I knew what I was doing wrong.

I get out of bed everyday with a bounce in my step because of what I learned from this product. The 11 Forgotten Laws will motivate and inspire to create a life you’ve always wanted whether your seeking for fortune, fame or even a happy and comfortable life with the ones you love.