One Trick You Need to Manifest Desires

After people learn about the law of attraction, they may give it shot and focus on getting all the money they want or improve their lives.  But a lot these efforts don’t seem to show any results and people ask for some tips they can use to manifest desires.  The following little secret is a great way to use the law of attraction to take your dreams from mere fantasies to the reality that you live on a daily basis.

If you’ve studied the law of attraction for any length of time, you probably know the importance of visualization.  However, if you are trying to build a beautiful palace on top of a foundation of sand, you’re going to have problems.  The same is true with the law of attraction and visualization.  If you try to bring wealth into your life, but you feel deep down that you don’t deserve money, then you’re in for some trouble.  In order to get rid of these limiting beliefs, try this out and you’ll find that it is easier than ever to manifest desires.

This probably won’t be fun, but sit down and write exactly how your life will unfold if you keep limiting your beliefs.  Really get to the point where you are feeling all the misery of living in poverty, telling your children that you can’t afford to send them to college, slaving away at the same dead-end job for decades, or dying alone and unloved.  What is that going to feel like carrying that burden with you twenty or thirty years into the future?  Feel how horrible that would have you feel and really get into it.  When I did this, I literally brought myself to the point of tears!

Then, take out another sheet of paper and write down what you want for your life instead.  Put as much positive energy and enthusiasm into it as you did with the first step.  This will be much more enjoyable and you’ll have fun doing this.  Feel how great it will feel to move into your dream house, have the perfect relationship with your dream partner, devote your life to fulfilling work, or anything else you might want.  In order to manifest desires, write them all down in vivid detail.

Then take a moment to intentionally decide that you want to have the life described on the second sheet of paper.  Take that first sheet of paper with the negative outcome on it and burn it.  This simple act will immediately make you feel so much lighter and free from all your limitations as you literally watch them burn away.  Keep the second sheet of paper and re-read it every night before you go to bed as well as reading it in the morning when you wake up and you’ll be well on your way to manifest desires written down.

I cannot emphasize how powerful this little secret is and the huge impact it can have on your life.  So, please sit down and take the time to do this.  Remember, your limiting beliefs can be outside of your conscious awareness and you may not even be aware of them.  If you are serious about the law of attraction and want to manifest desires with ease, try this little trick out and feel the effects it will have in your life.