Attractor Genie Review

Attractor Genie ReviewReviewer: Felicia Fillmore


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What is Attractor Genie?

Many of us set out an intention to apply the Law of Attraction to our lives but somehow we have the tendency to lose focus in habitually implementing it in our day to day life. The Attractor Genie is a computer software  designed that helped me stay focused on achieving my goals.

Attractor Genie Review: What’s Included

The Attractor Genie is like a toolbox filled with many tools you can use to help manifest your deepest desires.  Here are just some of the great benefits you get with this software.

  • Helps you narrow down what you want to accomplish and write down all your desires in detail. This really put your priorities in perspective.
  • Make a “to do” list. If you’re the type of person that benefits from making lists or would like to become more organized, this is a great tool for you.
  • Daily inspirational quotes uplift your spirit and mood. No matter how horrible you day is going, one of these quotes will bring hope and perseverance into you life.
  • Maintain and keep a daily journal. Keeping a journal will help track your progress and  you will see exactly where you will need to improve your action plan.
  • Create a mind map (a great way to keep all my thoughts available at a quick glance)
  • Create a vision board. A vision board is a great visualization tool that will effectively benefit you.
  • Create a sideshow that will help reinforce attracting abundance. This is another great way to visualize you goals.

Attractor Genie Review: Is it worth the money?

You really get your money’s worth with this product. Before I got this incredible software, I was a disorganized mess.  I’ve always have problem of losing everything, I had my affirmations written down on loose pieces of paper, and I had a hard time keeping track of my gratitude journal AND a journal for my thoughts. The Attractor Genie is a great software because it has everything you need to manifest your desires all in one easy to use program.

Attractor Genie Review: The Bottom Line

This is a great product. This is a well written program and it’s easy to use. Instead of  all my reinforcing journals, affirmations and visuals scattered all over the place, I have the Attractor Genie to help keep me organized.

This is a software program that will help you reach your desired goals with easy to use and in depth  techniques that won’t overwhelm you. I use this product everyday and it’s the easiest law of attraction program I’ve ever used. Plus you get to see your progress.  It really has everything you need to achieve and attain your goals in a neat and organized package.