3 Tips for Quickly Attracting Wealth (or Anything Else)

Manifest WealthWhen a lot of people first learn of the law of attraction, they want to immediately put it to use with attracting wealth.  And why wouldn’t they?  If the universe is a vast place of abundance, why shouldn’t they enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that wealth can bring them?

Now, don’t get me wrong, riches aren’t the key to happiness, but let’s be honest.  If you have the choice of either being rich or being poor, why not take the money?

Here are some tips that will help kick-start you ability for attracting wealth.

First, clear away negative thoughts and negative people. If you’ve been following the law of attraction for any length of time, you know how important it is to keep your mind focusing on the positive outcomes that you want in life.

It can hurt so much when our friends and loved ones hear about our goals to turn our lives around and improve ourselves only to mock or discourage us.  How do you deal with this?

Recognize that they are only doing this because they love you.  They don’t want you to get hurt of feel disappointed if things don’t work out.  These people aren’t being negative on purpose, they just don’t understand what you and I already know:  That success requires a lot of faith and desire (and so does attracting wealth).

If possible, avoid these people in the early stages.  People are more inclined to try to stop you before you start than after you’ve already started.  In fact, you’ll discover that once you’ve got some momentum, a lot of people actually start to encourage you!

Second, let yourself dream BIG. The universe will give you exactly what you want and what you desire, so why play small?  Why go for something “realistic” rather than what you really want?  If you want a million dollars, then let yourself want one million dollars and don’t lower your expectations for something more “realistic” like one thousand dollars.

Did you know that it’s actually easier to achieve more “far-fetched” goals than it is “realistic” goals?  That’s simply because most people out there are trying to achieve “realistic” things.  There’s just more competition.  When Bill Gates was getting Microsoft off the ground, how many people do you think where trying to create the largest software company in the world?  Probably not many.  How many people do you think where trying to “get by” or land a “decent job?”  Probably a lot more.  And we all know how that worked out.

The point is that if you can have anything in the universe–anything at all–why play small?  If you set your mind to it you can get anything you want.  Would you rather use this power to just “get by” or would you rather become a multi-billionaire attracting wealth everywhere you go?

Third, take inspired action! I hate to break it to you, but if you sit on the couch visualizing attracting wealth all day, but don’t actually do anything, you won’t get anywhere.  There is no dump truck full of gold coins that’s going to drop its load on your front lawn if only you focus hard enough.

The only way you can get a lot of money is to offer something of value.  Some kind of good or service.  This doesn’t mean that you need to do something boring or tedious.  Find something that brings you enjoy and attracting wealth will never seem so effortless.

If you love painting, become a master artist and sell your paintings for thousands.  If you love strumming your guitar, gather a few friends and start a band, you might just find that a lot of other people like your music too and before you know it you’re recording an album in the studio.

You don’t have to have the entire path figured out to start.  What’s most important is that when you feel that inner nudge pushing you to do something, do it!  Let the path reveal itself along the journey to riches!

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